Serama hen - need ideas for what to try next

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    Jul 9, 2009
    Whatever is wrong with our little hen (the one in my avatar photo) isn't spreading to the other chickens and she's been like this for a week already. I don't know what to do for her at this point, but we really love her and hope she recovers.

    Her symptoms:

    Feels very light-weight but the breast-bone isn't protruding. We do have roundworms and have had trouble in the past with those, but I haven't seen any in her poop. Her poop looks totally normal. I wormed her last night, just in case.

    She stumbles around when she tries to walk, looks like she's drunk.

    Her head will be forward and then her head will turn to the right (like what happens when you get really dizzy and the room spins so your head tries to follow it). Then she'll move her head back forward, and then it follows to the right again repeatedly, as if the room is still spinning and she's watching it move. She doesn't turn her head upside down or anything so it's different than my friend's chicken that had a vitamin deficiency or something with it's head twisting. I gave her some of the gro-gel last night just in case though.

    She's really lethargic and docile, just letting us pick her up. She was always a sweet girl and pretty easy to pick up, but it's more so than normal.

    Other than the symptoms above, she has no other problems that I know of. She is breathing totally normal, no discharge of any sort, eyes look fine, bright-red comb, etc. I don't know if she's laying eggs or not (doubt it) because she's been in with the other chickens and I can't tell her eggs from the other serama hens anyway.


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