Serama questions


10 Years
Sep 25, 2009
Ok, so a lady on another board (non-chicken related) was posting photos of her indoor chicken coop. It looks to be in her living room basically and she said they built it because the chickens, Seramas, can't be outdoors at night. She also stated that they are very valuable and she got a deal on her rooster for $50 and she's going to breed them and make lots of money. People on that board are trying to find some good information for this woman as her post makes it seem like she might not really have much knowledge on what she's attempting to do. Is there a breed standard and a place where we can point her to some good information about Seramas?

Thanks for any help.
This should do it!
beware of the people that are breeding for lots of money. There is no such thing if you are doing it right. Also for anyone looking to buy a serama make sure you do your homework. There are a lot of scam artists selling "serama" that look nothing more than oe's

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