Serama with labored, noisy breathing, puffed up, eyes closed


9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
Sacramento-3 Chicken Yrs
I just find one of my adult serama hens puffed up, with eyes closed and tail down. Her breathing is noisy. I lifted her wing and put my ear to her chest, and heard almost a chirping sound at the end of every exhale. I opened her mouth and looked and listened. I couldn't see anything stuck, but got a better listen to the noise. It's a wheezy sound on the inhales, and just seems like she has to push super hard to exhale.

She is eating and drinking. Her crop is medium full. She is in good flesh. Her comb is not pale or blue. I checked for egg impaction but didn't feel anything. I don't know about poo, I'll have to go check. She eats Layena layer feed. I did several days of Wazine and Corid for possible worms and cocci a few weeks ago, as well as Frontline Plus for mites, which was not all that effective, probably because I was overly conservative about dosage for such a small bird.

She is really not doing well all of a sudden. If you have any suggestions, please tell me, it could really help us out.
Sounds like you have given her a lot of medication lately. I would give a warm epsom salt bath to help her breath better and add some vitamins to her water and yogurt or warm oatmeal to make her feel better. If you dont have the vitamins try ACV its a natural antibacterial.and mucus clearer.
I'm sorry to hear that Cherie,

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