Seriously - are people this stupid? Wait I know the answer...

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by pbjmaker, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Kinda wierd, the article states the 20 other family members are being tested for rabies. As far as I know the only test for rabies is the brain taest wich causes death. I'm just wondering what they are doing with the other 20 family members. [​IMG]
  3. Hi! Not stupid in my opinion. Just a sad turn.
    I would never think of babies having rabies (unless there had been a rash of rabies locally).
    I always wanted a pet skunk.
    I got scolded on the phone just this morning for bottle-raising orphan possums and squirrels, "...both are nasty animals... they carry lots of diseases, you know..." .
    I DO know.
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    skunks are cats that don't think they are better than you
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    I'd still take home a stranded baby.
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    I might, because I really like skunks, and I knew some people with a pet skunk when I was a kid, she was a sweet little thing, very friendly. But I'd probably take it to a vet first thing, and all of my animals have had rabies vaccines. Or, because I have so many dogs and cats, I might call fish and game, or try to find a wildlife rehab person.
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    I took in 3 orphaned unweened fox kits after their mom was eaten by coyotes on my property. They were amazing creatures. I enjoyed every minute of caring for them before I turned them over to the Audobon Society for proper raising and introduction back into the wild. I would definitely do it again. I even made a Youtube video with them. [​IMG]
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    I didn't read the article, but am responding to the statement about taking in a stray skunk (which I guess the article is about)

    My old dog had a habit of picking babies up and carrying them in her mouth (usually rabbits at about 2-3 inches long). One time she got a baby skunk... we brought it in, bottle fed it for months. It couldn't spray yet and by the time it could it wasn't scared of us. It followed our black and white cat around which makes you wonder and laugh.

    Long story short, call me crazy... but if a living thing needs your help and you don't give it just because it may smell bad... I hope you smell like roses the day you need help.
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