Serving dishes that can't knock over?


Apr 7, 2022
What do you give your chickens the grit and oyster shells in? It seems like whatever I put out, they inevitably knock over after a couple hours. I'd rather not go out and buy something fancy or give them glassware but I don't see many other options.
I use two feed pans. They are wide/shallow/galvanized steel, mine were purchased from TSC but a common item at feed stores. I add a large rock to the middle -this keeps them from standing in the middle and scratching everything out, plus, it’s less likely to get moved or flipped. I pour grit in one, and oyster shells in the other. Works great.

Previously we had mixed oyster shell and grit, but they really worked at swiping it out, so with the items separated, it is less messy and less wasteful.
I use these for grit and oyster shell. I attach them to any hardware cloth at a height comfortable for the girls, but high enough that they can't scratch inside. The bowls are removable, so they're easy to clean.
This is mine. They can't knock it over and it doesn't spill.

It is on my list of things to redo because it is in an awkward place. I will use the same plastic boxes (unless I can figure out a glass option), and almost the same frame. It is below a LOT of other things on the priority list though.


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