Set 8-26 anyone else?

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8 Years
May 3, 2011
Georgetown, KY
You know ive got 3 different hatch dates going but I got a good deal on some turken eggs for another member. Ill be setting those today with some of my own eggs. Anyone else setting today?
I have 2 different dates in my bator at the moment and by tomorrow it will be three as my ordered eggs will be going in tomorrow.
Good luck hope they hatch for you.
Hi from Ga I have 3 dates in my incubator and setting 12 more Lavender Orpington Eggs in the am. Due out on 9/1 30 Cochin Bantams 9/6 9 turkey and 9/8 9 blue Orpingtons.
I have two incubators going right now. In the first are some Blue and Black Splash Ameraucanas and a few golden orpingtons. They will hatch hopefully in a week. But yesterday I started another incubator with some Welsumers some Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and some Lavendar Orpingtons! These are my first chickens and I am in chickie heaven
!!! When I candled the eggs that have a week left they are all actively moving and look real good
I set some last night. 30 silkie eggs from Mary and 6 silkie eggs from my own flock. It's been a while since I hatched eggs but I definitely learned from my mistakes my last two hatches. I think I know what I'm doing this time
Oh and I'm using a brand new LG circulated air incubator and using an acu rite thermometer/hygrometer along with the one that came with the bator since I don't fully trust it.
Put 24 serama eggs in 'bater ' this morning. I have read they are VERY difficult to hatch in an incubator, especially since they were shipped eggs, but giving it a try anyway.
I am on pins and needles hoping I do it right..keep checking temp and humidity every 15 minutes! Are ya'll doing the same?
Maybe we can encourage each other!

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