set eggs july 17, hatch aug 7 2022? - Hatch Along

I plan to set eggs on 17th july for 7th august hatch as well so i would love to follow along. I am setting olive eggers and australorps. My olive eggers were shipped and arrived yesterday. 1 was broken but the rest looked good. I am waiting until 17th to set so i am home when they hatch. What sort of incubator are you getting?
I ordered my new incubator off amazon. nothing too special- but my other incubator is a DINOSAUR. I ordered the magic fly mini incubator for 9 eggs!
I have one very similar to that but it is branded janoel 12 in Australia. It still works really well but now i use it as a hatcher. I bought a brinsea ovation 28 advance so i could set more eggs. I love it but it is a pain to clean so i incubate in that and hatch in the cheapy one which is essy to clean. I hope it arrives on time. Are the eggs from your hens?
Casportpony what breed have you set?
Will anyone hatch eggs with me? my brand new incubator is supposed to arrive on the 17th, and i plan to set 6 silkie eggs in it. If anyone would like to join me, please do!! I'll post updates and photos here.
I just put 36 EE eggs in today 20220716_133844.jpg

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