set eggs on the 13th, anyone with me?

I set some eggs I received from gumpsgirl. They are blue and also splash orpington eggs. Last weekend I set some turken eggs I bought from Nava.
:)Awesome, at least on hatching buddy. I am very excited about these eggs. I got Vorwerk, blue orps, and spangles hamburgs. all bantams from Opa.
and from vicki, welsummers and BLRW. Heres to luck for both of us to have a successful hatch.
I set 13 ducks eggs on the 11th...they take a week longer than the chickens but I will be on watch with you both.
I set a incubator and two setting hens full of eggs Friday. You will lover your Orpingtons! I have Blue, Black Lavender Splits, Splash and Lavender Orpingtons....I Love Them!
going to candle on Saturday. super excited....hope I can hold out that long. I have a broody golden comet, can you believe it? She bites so hard. Never had a broody bite me before. I am thinking of letting her have some eggs, as she has been broody for ever (it seems anyway) What are you all's plans for candleing?
Can I join in? I set the 13 too! This is my second run with the LG, I bought a barnyard mix on ebay that consists of australorps, cuckoo marans, giant cochins, black copper marans, buff orps and rhode island reds. I also have 6 jersey giants from Echoinghills on BYC. I had a complete flop of a hatch on my last run so this time the LG is in my closet and I have a turner and I am NOT opening it except to candle on day 7 and maybe on 14 but that is it! I am also setting more eggs this weekend in a Hovabator still air that we installed a fan in. I have more RIRs and Brahmas going into that. Do you guys pull eggs after candling that don't look good? I have read that a lot of people leave them in because the bator holds temps better if full...?
This is only my second hatch to. Last time I did get 9 that hatched out. They are with a broody hen I had. So it worked out real nice. I pull the eggs if I am sure that they are not any good. I have heard that they can explode and cause a real stink in the incubator and then you will have lots of bacteria floating around. So, I will pull them if I am sure they are not developing. Can barely wait till tomorrow to candle.
I have eggs in the incubator (a homemade one) that I set on the 5th. Received all my eggs via USPS. I had a total of 25, this is my first attempt at hatching. 10 Marans and 15 Welsummers. two days ago I had to remove almost half the eggs because they were either unfertilized or quiters. I now have 4 Maran and 8 Welsummer eggs with dancing peeps inside... I can't wait to see them. I think I am going to invest in an incubator and use what I built as a brooder.

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