Setting Eggs Sunday April 29th - Hatch-a-long with me!


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Jan 17, 2013
Tonawanda, NY
I'm setting new two incubators full of a variety of eggs... very exciting!

Black Copper Marans
Olive Eggers
BBS Orpingtons
Frizzle Polish
Mixed Easter Eggs
... maybe some more...

More info to come, I'll be sharing lots of pictures! Join me! What are you setting?
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Just set Black Copper Marans, Black Austalorps and White Ameraucanas last night! She has discarded one egg already so we'll see how this thing goes...using my broody Black Australorp Georgia who is hopefully gonna be a good mama if she holds true to her breed. So excited for my first "Broody Hen Hatch"!!!
I officially set my eggs today around 5:00pm.

12 Black Copper Marans
12 BBS Orpingtons
12 Silkies
12 Olive Eggers
15 Sizzle/Polish
1 Lavender d'Uccle far, so good!

I set my bators on Sunday around 11am!

I have:
10 d'Anver eggs (due a week earlier)
8 MF cochin eggs
7 Cuckoo Ameraucanas
6 OE
6 Welsummer
1 Salmon Fav
12 Serama
14 Shipped Bantam BR set on the 27th (looks like 4 are developing)

I set 24 eggs that I got from my daughter Grace Jr's coop... some WR, BO and EE's plus a few fancies that I can't remember the names of at the moment. Due 5/19
Did my first major egg cull tonight in Incubator 2. I'm officially DONE with shipped eggs...or at least shipped bantam eggs. Down to 4/14 of my shipped bantam BRs, and 8/12 of the local seramas. Had a few blood rings, but the vast majority was no development. Of the BBRs developing only 1 has a stable air cell even after not being turned for 5 days. Oh well...we'll see what happens.

Incubator 1 gets weighed and candled tomorrow :)

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