Setting eggs today 5/31/11


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I am setting eggs in my incubator today 3 EE eggs (they are so cool they are bright neon green)
3 buff orpington eggs and 6 mixed breed eggs cochin/wyandotte/barred rock/ or RIR not sure who laid them but those are the hens and roos that are there.

lockdown should be on my birthday 6/18 and hatching day should be anytime after the 21st of June. Can't wait to see who hatches.

I am running an LG forced air with a turner. Temp is 100.3 right now and humidity is 43% not bad since it is 90 right now .

Anyone else hatching that day?
So far so good. I am going to try and candle on day 10 and on day 18 before I put them into lockdown. Temps are staying steady between 99 and 100 and humidity is 45 can't wait to see who hatches
I also set my eggs on 5/31!! I have 2 incubators that are totally full (83 eggs total). This is my second time to hatch and I'm hoping for much better luck this time! With constant power outages due to storms, I was only able to get 12 out of 48 eggs to hatch.
But on the bright side, I was lucky to get the ones I did! Good luck with your hatch!!!
Hey u just set some myself today if i can jump in.
i set 12 mutt chicken eggs lol. Last batch gave me to cute fuzzbutts but def need a few more so trying for my second hatch. Good luck to you both I'm excited again.
Can I join? I just lost 12,yep, 12 mallard eggs...Am setting eggs again in 2-3 humidity was too low for ducks I think....*sigh* frustrating!
Don't feel bad...I only got 12 out of 48 eggs to hatch on my last batch. That was my first try so I wasn't really sure what I was doing! Everyone seems to have different ideas on temps and humidity, and I'm trying to figure out what works best for me. This time I'm trying the dry method, but even with no water in my incubators, the humidity is still holding at 45-50%!! I have Marans, Penedesencas, Blue Orpingtons, Blue Hamburgs, Welsummers, and several other breeds in them this time!!
Thats kewl. I had a bad temp spike on mine so not sure if that wiped out so many eggs. My humidity is around 30 and temp at 99.5. Got an lg with a fan attached. Turning eggs myself 3 times a day. Hope your luck is better this round. I still havta tell my dh hes on egg turning tm night lol. I work weekend nights so need his help those days. Gonna also not allow myself to candle till day 10 at earliest.

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