setting up hatching area for mama duck


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Aug 29, 2007
Kitsap County, WA
Here is my current set up- a coop that DH built that my five scovies share with my 16 chickens. The only really sleep and lay eggs in the coop, they are free range morning till night otherwise. The coop is up on blocks and off the ground - there is a nice wide ramp though.
One of my scovy hens is setting on a dozen or so eggs- she is occupying one of the nesting boxes that is on the ground level. When she exits to go eat or take a quick dip in the pool- my chicken hens are so funny- they jump in that box so fast- and actually usually there are a couple birds in the box - she is hardly ever setting alone. These poor babies are going to have plenty of aunties.
She started setting on the 13th.
She is making a new noise now that she is setting, it is so cool to watch her behavior, she is very sweet to me still and just peeps a lot now- but she tears my dogs up when they come close to the coop now.
Anyway, I am worried about letting her raise the babies in the coop with that many other birds and am thinking I should set up another set up for her once her eggs hatch. I am also considering just X-penning off an area around her box, so she will still be in the coop, just no other birds can get in, or ducklings get out.
I did see a rat under the coop this week, so I am working on getting rid of him too
A couple summers ago we introduced our juveniles to the flock and I was traumatized by what my then drake did to them- but I have heard that it just depends on the drake and the flock dynamic, but needless to say, I want to make sure I can help mama duck keep her babies safe.
I have a handy hubby who will build a set up for me, and I also have plenty of X-pens too- suggestions?
We have had birds for a while, but this is teh first time one of my gals has set on eggs that were fertile- so we are very excited!
Not sure how the hatch will go- since she started setting on the 13th, but is still laying more eggs to her nest??


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Jan 11, 2010
It might be best to set her up with a small area for herself- so that when they hatch she doesnt have to contend with all the adult birds and can just concentrate her energy on the raising the ducklings.

Also nest sharing can cause problems at times with incubation if eggs get juggled around too much breakages can occur- and some eggs may get left out in the cold. It might be better if you can give her some solitude and stop the others from getting in the box with her if you can.

Best of luck- and hope you soon have lots of babies.

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