Seven Hens A-Laying


Jun 25, 2018
Mill Valley, CA
Hello there!

We have nine chickies, 7 of whom are laying as of today!

I work in kindergarten and every year as a part of our science curriculum we incubate eggs and hatch chicks. Finally, this spring, I got to keep them. :) I built our coop, modifying the Garden Coop plans- we added length to the run and a shed on the back side of the hen house for storage of both chicken supplies and yard tools.

I tried to convince the kids (we have 3) that we should give them all Harry Potter names, after 13 named the light brahma "Hedwig," but alas, I couldn't get the kids on board (I do have secret HP names based on their personalities). So we have Hedwig, Maeve (cuckoo maran), Mariah (barred rock), Lucy (Ameracauna), Luna (Golden sex-link), Tonks (Golden Laced Wyandotte), Primrose Everdeen (Ameracauna-proabably a roo), Coco (Welsummer), and Pengin (as in baby voice "penguin," a black cochin).

Here's our coop, which I LOVE:


And here's my current egg stash, we are getting 3-5 daily:

from the bottom: Lucy, Hedwig, Tonks, Maeve, Maeve, Tonks, Hedwig, Maeve, Luna, Coco, Maeve, Mariah, Hedwig.

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