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Jul 9, 2010
1st, does it work to just allow eggs to stay in the boxes for them to hatch? Does anyone hatch like this????
Heres what we done: Wrote the date on the eggs (16th) and have left them in the box. When I gather the other eggs I'm careful not to turn the dated eggs, figured mother nature is doing that.

2nd, if we do not gather then eggs quick enough there will be one that cracks and ofcourse, those chicks are all over eating the do we prevent them from eating? (other than emptying the boxes faster)

3rd, several of the girls are missing feathers from their backs, hubby thinks this is from mating with the there anything else this can be? if this reason to get rid of the rough rooster if so?

4th, how long are the eggs good in the frig....after washing with water?

FINALLY, what's the going price for a dozen farm fresh eggs now? We have a stand to sale them at but I haven't seen anything saying an average price for a dozen.

I do leave eggs for the hens to hatch sometimes. Works for me!
You are NOT going to stop them eating broken eggs. Except my removing it quickly!
Missing feathers on their backs are usually hyper rooster's fault. Some of my best layers look ready for the oven.
Not sure how long an egg lasts, we eat/sell them quickly. I hear an unwashed, clean egg lasts longer than a washed one.
I'm in SA, so no idea about egg price, sorry!

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