Sex-linked traits - RIR hen with LB Roo


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11 Years
Mar 3, 2008
Out of our recent hatch, we have two chicks that are (now) known to be the results of our Light Brahma roo mating with our RIR hen. I was reading up last night on sex-linked traits, and was wondering if anyone was knowledgeable on the RIR trait for rapid-feathering? Both chicks resemble the Light Brahma more than the RIR - white with black markings, and feathers on the feet. One chick is very noticeably more advanced in its feathering... longer, fuller wings, and prominent tail and lots of foot-feathers, where the other has shorter wings and hardly any tail at all... just a poof, and just a little bit of feathering on the feet. It's really quite cute! But it got me thinking... does that mean that I got one of each sex? And is rapid-feathering a RIR trait? I'd be curious to know.

I don't have any side-by-side photos, but I can take some if someone wants to see. The chicks are less than 24 hours apart in age.
Thanks a bunch!

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