Sex of Egyptian fayoumis


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Aug 7, 2012
Ipswich, MA
So this is my 21 week old pullet Booker. I have been thinking she is a she and will start laying soon. Instead she is waking up the neighborhood and keeping them up all morning. It's not crowing but incredibly loud incessant chatter I think. Maybe HE is trying to crow? No eggs yet. Anyone have an opinion on if I should start looking for a new home for booker?
By 21 weeks a rooster should be able to make at least a decent crow. With that said, i have one young rooster right now that makes a truly terrible crow and is not showing any kind of improvement.....but you can still tell that the sound he is making us supposed to be a crow.

Hens make chatter sounds and cackle sounds.

How many chickens do you have?
Booker makes very loud cackles that don't really sound crow like but could... Maybe she is just a loud hen? She is one of 6 chickens. I have one other pullet her age that is a Marans. It seems that booker and one of my other hens like to talk. Loudly. Wouldn't a rooster have a bigger comb and waddles by now? Hopefully?
Brilliant of you! I had at first thought that this breed was one of the ones where the rooster is hen feathered. But, I just looked it up, and nope, the Egyptian Fayo whatever rooster does look like a proper rooster.
X 3 that is a little EF girl. They are quite the talkers, have an opinion about everything, especially anything that makes them unhappy. Do you let them free range? They do tend to be early layers, and some are bad about hiding eggs, though the young ones usually don't go broody and set them.
Boy I sure hope so! This bird has quite a personality and I don't want to have to give her up. Hopefully once she lays her first egg soon she will quiet down a little. Thanks for the help!
I do let her free range, kelsie, and that does quiet her down a little. The loudness is mostly in the early to mid mornings after she goes back in. Apparently she has a strong opinion about not bing able to free range all day every day. Hopefully she will become slightly less opinionated soon.
Maybe the loudness is her egg song and she is laying somewhere random to play hide and seek? Unless she has been doing it a long time.....
I'm thinking that might be it. She definitely hasn't laid. She has a box inside her area and I look everywhere each day. No egg yet. That's all I need is another hen that proclaims to all the neighbors for an hour that she's laid! Ha! I already have my light brahma who does that. They do talk all the time so maybe she is advising the EF how to lay. Uh oh.

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