Sex of Jersey Giant 8-week Chicks


8 Years
Mar 23, 2012
Northern CA redwood coastline
I have four JG pre-sexed "female" chickens that are now 8weeks old. Questioning whether Pearl and Onyx are female.

Pearl and Onyx grew much faster than Snug and Jazz, but now Snug and Jazz are catching up. There always has been more skin showing around Pearl and Onyx combs, and they developed pinkish color much earlier. Snug & Jazz still don't have hardly any pink but Pearl & Onyx have showed color for 3weeks. I am attaching a couple pictures with groupings, but I also have an "ALBUM" photo folder in each name, with more pictures in my Profile section. I know some of these photos are blurry but that is the best I have (my tremors interfere with camera function).

Photo above shows size and color of combs at 5 weeks. Jazz is far left, then Snug, Pearl, and finally Onyx is far right. As you can see there is much more skin showing around the comb area, and that skin is pinkish.

8 week photo below shows Pearl in back on left, with large pink comb area (& pink teeny tiny wattle is not visible in photo) but the comb itself is still pretty yellow. Snug (with tiny comb) is center front and you can see that the center of Onyx' comb is further developing it's pink color, but the comb itself is still pretty yellow also. My depth & distance perception is poor due to neurological damage, so I don't know if there is a difference in leg size between them, but Pearl's leg shows in this photo.

6.5wks Prl Sng Onx 6345, ((Sorry for poor photo above. This camera also seems to wash colors out; the BROWN fabric to far right is deep rich brown, but the red is mostly removed in the photo.))

I am concerned because the two grew so much faster, then started to get pink around the comb at 5weeks old (and much earlier than the other two chicks who 3weeks later are only getting a little pink on the face). If I have 2boys & 2girls then I figure I will probably have 2pullets with very bare backs and/or one dead cockerell. I figured that if one was a roo then probably both were. I figured the ratio 2:2 was not ideal for anyone concerned!

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