Sexing eggs?


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
Anybody read this or heard of this before?

I wonder how accurate it is? Very interesting idea!
Couldn't hurt to try it out (unless the article had it all reversed and you ended up with nothing but cockerals
LOL, I guess if I searched on here before I posted I wouldn't have been so proud of myself for finding that article!
Sounds like the general consensus on here is that it's a bunch of cr@p, huh?

I am planning on incubating a bunch of our eggs soon, so I may try it out.
I doubt it..But still when I hatched 5 eggs 4 of them were rounder than the 1 and those 4 were girls and the 1 was a boy...but i still doubt it
i was told this by an older farmer that i bought my 2 dozen rir/golden comet mix eggs...he told me he would hand pick the eggs for me so i would have 22 hens and 2 not sure myself about that but he told me thats how he's done it for years....guess i'll see huh....interesting though
I was told this by a guy a few weeks ago. If it was true, then the hatcheries wouldn't end up with so many extra roosters. Just my opinion, but I hope I get proven wrong. Because it would be awesome if it did turn out to be true.
Ummmmm, no.

Of course you can identify who laid an egg by the color, but in my experience the same girl lays the same shape egg nearly everyday. That would mean individual chickens only lay one sex.

I've heard a lot of old wives' tales over the years on a variety of topics (I guess because I'm an old wife).


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