Sexing Silkie chicks


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May 5, 2020
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We all wish we could do that! 😊Silkies are incredibly difficult to gender ID especially this young. Most people won’t know if their chicks are male or female until they are at least three or four months old or even later. Some people use stance and behavior as a guideline but this is often incorrect. Later on males will develop streamers off the back of their crests, but some females have this as well.
There are several companies where you can send feather samples and have them DNA tested for gender if you need to know early.
Good luck. You have some really cute little Silkies there!😊


Aug 18, 2019
Please I want little assistance on how to perfectly sex silkie chicks under two weeks.
They are very adorable chicks you have! ...Sorry but 2 weeks is wayyy too young to sex! I have trouble with my Silkies and even some that are 6 months old! Although at 8 weeks I guessed with comb and wattle size on a few, they can keep you guessing till you hear a crow or see an egg :D I'm sure some people on here could give you an early guess but with good photos and probably in a few more weeks at least.

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