sexing wellsummers----help

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  1. I have 5 welsummers chicks... I heard that you can tell which sex you had by looking at the heads.. I looked at mind at 4 of them have dark " v " shapes on their heads and One have a crooked lighter mark on his [​IMG] ?? head ..please help me on this one yall

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    You need to find Tailfeathers--he can help you with that, good luck!
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    It's supposed to be that the females have the darker clearer V's, but the last batch of Welsummers I had, they all had clear V's except one and that one turned out to be a pullet and the rest were roos. So... [​IMG]

    But by about 3 weeks it was obvious who was starting to grow a big comb and wattles and who wasn't, so you won't have to wait long to know for sure!
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    Hi Cjen,

    Due to the rules here on BYC I can't refer you specifically to the site where you could get the info you need.

    However, if you can post pics or send me an email with pics, I'll tell you what you've got.

    God Bless,
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    I bought chicks from a large breeder.. very nice birds. He breeds welsumers and i went to his farm to pick out some chicks. The welsummers can be sexed by the dark streak thet runs across the eye. I am going to get more chicks so I will reinforce this method of sexing in a week.
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    I'd love to see pics too. I googled this info below. I have welsummer eggs coming next week and have wondered how I will know, hence my research.
    Show pics of your welsummer chicks please!!!

    Here is what I copied out from Googling:
    Welsummers can be sexed at birth. The female has what I like to call "eye liner" the dark line extending beyond her eye towards her ear is dark and very well defined. On the male, that same line is light and blurry. Similarly, if you look at the triangle on the top of their head, on the female it is dark and clearly defined, the male's triangle is lighter and the edges are not clearly defined. In both of the chick photos, the female is on the left, and the male is on the right. If you plan on doing your own breeding, it is highly advisable you grow out all the cockerels and select the best two to keep as breeders. The male if very important and under ideal conditions, should not be judged until one year of age.
  7. i will post pics later 2 day
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    Oh no!
    I hatched 3 week ago. I hope one boy and 2girls ;-p

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