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Hey guys, I didn't see a cooking thread so I figured I would start one. If there is one and I didn't see it, let me know!

Any-who, I live in Miami so I've been learning about Cuban food. A huge favorite here is Fried Bananas!

You want some firm bananas (plantains work as well, but the texture is very tricky so bananas are good to start with.) Basically, they should be yellowed but firm when you press them. If they are too soft, you'll end up with a pan of mush.

Extra notes: I use Mazola oil, which is corn oil. I think any kind would work really, but this is the most popular type I've seen here.

Here's a nice short instruction:

-Buy firm yellow bananas, they should be firm when you press them.
-Cut them into wedges while waiting for a pan of oil to warm up. Put about an inch of oil in your pan, you'll be able to eyeball the amount you need if you do it enough.
-Place one piece as a tester, and see how well it cooks.
-Once at right temperature, put more pieces in.
-I flip my bananas with a butter knife.
-Once they are the color you want, put them on a paper towel to cool off and to soak up the excess oil.

*You don't have to worry about over frying. You can safely fry until the bananas are black, and they will be just as sweet and perhaps a little sweeter ;) *

THIS IS A VERY UNHEALTHY SNACK. You will probably pack a booty just looking at them, but they are soo good. Kids love them, too!

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