Share Your Winter Duck Pics!!!


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
Was just outside feeding mine so how bout yours!?


(from left to right; Mow, Kenneth, Helen, Cali, Tobi, Chuncky-Monkey, Kelso he's in front more, Brownie, Daisy, Fathead.
Here are mine. I'm not sure if I should post on this thread since its going to be a frigid 78 degrees here today.
I HATE Florida.
I'm not sure if she is trying to tell me something.
I did let her know that she was not going to be grilled.

Mr. Mohawk.
Trooping out in their first snow, to visit the vegetable garden (their daytime play area)

Maybe it's a good day to stay inside!
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Here are some snowy duck pictures . . . it is finally thawing today. It is getting old hauling water . . . they are too far away from a power source to have a warmer.

Our drake Silver and two of his girls -- they were sure there was grass down there somewhere. They are Welsh Harlequins and I may be switching from chickens to ducks since they lay so reliably.

Do you have bread? Is it really worth it to walk on that snow, or should we stay here in the trees where are feet are warm?

This must have been a particularly good section of grass . . . they were having lots of discussions about it.

This is Bubbles, my daughters favorite duck. I think this would make a great photo for a caption as it is clear something is up. For a long time I thought she was mixed with Khaki Campbell, until I realized there were golden Welsh Harlequins as well as Silver . . .

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