Sharing a nest

Peplers chicks

6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
South Africa, Vereeniging
There it happens again, all our ladies shares a nest again, why don't they learn, two woman in one kitchen don't work, we loose production, I know there is way to get them to lay in another nest by keeping them apart , but that also may influence the broodyness, or slow down the laying part, because I don't give any egg producing feed, needs the rooster to do that
, is their some other ways??????
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I have two guineas who have gone broody and are sitting on the same nest of about 25 eggs right now. I just decided to let them do it. They help each other out - there's always one of them there to keep the eggs warm. I have no idea how things will turn out, but I figured the guineas are happy and safe, and the eggs seem to be ok, so I might as well let them give it a try.

If you don't want to loose as much egg production time, you could try putting the eggs in an incubator. That way both of the girls would get back to laying and you wouldn't have as much production time lost. If an incubator isn't an option, you can try moving one of them to an entirely different area for a few days - if you have a seperate coop or cage, you may be able to stop them from being broody.
Thanks, I try to avoid incubator, found that the chicks from a incubator don't have good breeding habbits, so will wait till one starts to breed and then move her somewhere else. Hope it works, thank you for the input. by the way, few years ago I also saw that two hen's can work together, they had a very good hatching count

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