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    Feb 26, 2011
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    I have a blog, and I often have the need for images of the topics I write about. If I don't have my own picture, I don't want to steal one off the internet either. So, I use Wikimedia Commons which allows users to upload photos and other media to be freely licensed for educational purposes. Basically, people donate their photos simply to give others access to information. Wikimedia doesn't sell them; they just make them available for folks to share. I can find photos which I can use freely, such as the pictures of Basque country and Euskal Oiloa breeds on my EO page, and I can also share photos with others.

    I noticed that many of the poultry pictures on Wikimedia are of production-type birds. I was thinking - wouldn't it be great if there were pictures of many breeds, great examples to share with others and help to educate the public? Kids and adults alike could use the images for projects and research and learn the difference between using a licensed image and taking an image without permissions. I get so much from what others share freely that I decided to share myself. If any of you are inspired to do the same, just think how much we could add to the common wealth!

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