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    I have a cool story about my Australorp Roo. We got him along with 4 other hens he has kind of taken in as his herum. I feed my chickens mealworms as a good treat every now and then and they love them! So, when I feed them to the rooster, his little herum is usually right by his side. Every 2nd or 3rd meal worm I give to him, he drops on the ground in front of him and keeps his face right on top of it and makes a little honking noise until one of the girls grabs it from n front of him! He shares with his girls! Has anyone else ever seen this? I was amazed. Here is a picture of my guy...
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    Great story - Sounds like a very kind rooster!!
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    Oh yes, roosters that are really good at being head of the flock will call the hens over for treats. One of my roosters who I call Sir Cluckalot, will start making that high pitched sound and scratching at the ground just in anticipation of getting treats. Then when I present him with a piece of bread he will either point to it with his beak until a hen takes it or he will hold it at the tip of his beak and call the girls over and let them take it from him. Rooster watchers have come to call the behavior "tidbitting."

    Here is a link to a animal behavior video that examines the tidbitting behavior in the flock:
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    What scratch'n'peck said. <I><* nodding *></I>

    That's a very good rooster - a keeper, for sure. My dominant roo Carl does this for his hens. So does the second-in-command Domino. My silkie rooster makes attempts at it but he also tries to fake the hens out with "false tidbitting.". He'll call the girls over for a twig, or a small rock, and jump whoever lets him. Only the silliest pullets believe him any more.... :lol:
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    Every rooster I have ever had does that. BUT every rooster I have ever had also waits until the hen bends over and down to pick up the food and then he JUMPS her!!!! :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    All good roosters share:


    Some help find the morsel


    Never hurts to help a lady with her greens


    What cracks me up is when they pretend they have something edible as the invisible tidbit.


    Or a piece of mud


    An intimidating stare always helps subdue food.


    The smart one knows when to get out of the way!


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