She’s a Welsummer, right?


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Sep 16, 2020
Hi, all!

I have a group of six 17 week old pullets I bought when they were day old chicks. I was supposed to have two each of Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks and Russian Orloffs. is obviously not like the other. We’ve been calling her “Grand Duchess Anastasia” as she’s an imposter. :D

Other than waiting for confirmation when she starts laying, thoughts? Here she is by herself and with my sweet little Orloff.


Thanks, everyone! She’s a super sweet girl and I’m excited for her to grow up and start laying. I happened upon these guys at the store one day and honestly didn’t realize Russian Orloffs were considered a “rarer breed” when I bought them, so I was little bummed at first when it became apparent someone goofed and accidentally gave me a different breed (and the Orloff is the sweetest and so curious, so she’s actually become one of my favorites I must admit!), but this sweet girl is just delightful too! I’m really very glad she was scooped into my little cardboard carrying case and made her way into my flock. She belongs here.
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