she had a build up of stool on her vent and below so i put her in warm water she seemed to have trou

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pamela johnson

In the Brooder
Jul 13, 2017
chippewa falls wisconsin
she seemed to have a problem laying and had a build up of stool below her vent I thought it was because she had a problem laying so I put her in warm water and washed her and put some oil on her vent there seemed to be a growth just above the vent it was brown, then sticking out of her vent was a piece of what looked like paper so I pulled on it I think it was a part of a rubber glove and then there was another so I pulled that out and I thought it was going to be ok, the next day she her tail was not up so I looked again and gave her another bath and found tine worms in a hole by her vent put some blu kote on her she is now crying in the layer box what can I do to save her.
Sorry about your chicken. Can you post any pictures? It sounds like she is passing membranes from shell-less eggs, a reproductive disorder, but mor pe importantly, she sounds like she has flystrike or maggot infestation. That can be deadly if the maggots are not removed, or it they get inside the body. Soak her again in warm Epsom salts water or soapy dishwater. Remove all maggots seen, and since they may continue to hatch for the next 24 hours, repeat the baths. Apply plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment after each bath. Is there any vent tissue hanging out of the bent that might be a prolapse?

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