She is gone. DONE WITH HER


11 Years
Dec 11, 2010
So I had posted about a hen that I was having problems with. She is 6 months old. She is Minorca and RIR mix. She ripped out my rooster and another hens feathers. She attacks any other chicken. She is evil. Evil I tell you.
But she is so beautiful. So either the Mennonites take her and do what they want to. With full disclosure of her tendacies or she will be in my crockpot. I have never seen such an evil hen. I don't understand.
6 month bird sounds good for the table.
. We would never keep an aggressive hen, she'd be a nice tasty meal for us.
Fred's Hens :

There certainly are bad tempered hens that need to go.

'Tis true. I have had only one bad tempered hen, ever. She's still here, but may get her scrawny neck wrung at any moment, and has come just thiiiiiis close to it on several occasions. She is half blind, so very defensive, and on top of that, has some Sumatra blood and spurs, not a great combination for a sweet girl. We know how to handle her, but man, sometimes we do just want to
She isn't mean to the other birds, only to us at roost time. You probably have seen stories about her, Tiny the Terrorist. She sure tries our patience! If she was terrorizing the other birds, she'd already be gone.​
"Awwwww, poor girl. I'm sure she is not evil. She just has a different way of showing her love for everyone"

Yeah, that's what they tell me about some humans, but I just say they're selfish bullies. Throw her in the pot!

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