I have a small flock of wool sheep. Two cheviots and a suffolk/dorset cross ewes, and a 4-horned Jacob ram. Their lambs are going to be "terminal" crosses meant for the table.
I have five sheep (I am not sure if that qualifies as "raising sheep", lol), that I got this past spring in hopes of being able to milk them for cheesemaking and yogurt next year. Two British Milksheep X Dorset ewe lambs and a shetland ewe, plus a shetland ram and wether.

There are a bunch of small-flock people over on Backyard Herds (sister site to this one, link at very bottom of this webpage)

I have a ram and two ewes. They were bottle lambs this past Feb. and March. My ram (Lego) is a Dorset cross but he looks like a Horned Dorset. My one ewe is a cross with horns. My other ewe is also a cross but she looks like she has a good bit of Finnsheep in her. Her wool is more hairlike and doesn't have the crimp like my other ones.
she-earl, how is your bottle-raised ram doing? I raised a ram on the bottle this year and he was a semi-dangerous nightmare. I sold him and hope he's on somebody's dinner table--my current ram is relatively wild. My three girls were bottle-raised, however, and they aren't quite as dangerous
My ram, Lego, is very docile at this point in time. I had three bottle rams and sold two of them to use for breeding. One of those guys only allowed me in the pen or pasture. Lego had nubbins of horns when he was born and they are really big and growing. He loves to have his "armpits" rubbed or to have fingers dug into his wool. I have stayed away from rubbing the top of his head but will rub under his chin. I am hoping he contiunes to be so docile. If and when he becomes aggressive, he will need to go.
I have a large flock of Scottish Blackface sheep....I've had them since 1996. I sold about 120 last year. Good to see some other sheep people here.
I got a starter flock of Katahdins this year - one ram, three ewes. So far they're very enjoyable, friendly and so funny when they start wagging those tails around!

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