shelf life of fresh eggs

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    I heard there are no stupid questions but you might change your mind after this one:lau After you have collected the eggs do you put them in frig or leave them out and how long before they go bad?
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    Well I generally collect my eggs throughout the day but I don't wash and then refridgerate them until the end of the day when I can get a count on the dayly production. Beside who likes cleaning eggs that much.[​IMG] They can keep alright without refridgeration for some time but I wouldn't leave them out in temperatures above 26 degress celcuis for too long especially if they are fertile.
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    I had been wondering this one too.
    How about how long they can be kept in the fridge?
    Also, how long and under what conditions are fertile eggs considered 'good' if you want to save some for hatching?

    Donna Sue:/
  4. FrozenChicken

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    Apr 1, 2007
    Alberta, Canada
    I think 3 months is about right for fertile eggs in the fridge and to keep them for hatching DON'T refrigerate them rather put them in a carton and keep at room temperature turning the carton upside down each day.
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    Mar 29, 2007
    I'm not positive on this, but I think that supermarket eggs are roughly 2 weeks old by the time they make it into someone's shopping cart.
    I read that fertile eggs can be kept for up to a week before going into an incubator. I also read the temperature range to store them in, but I can't recall. Seems like it was 40 -60 deg Farenhiet?

    Again- I think this is right...[​IMG]
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    Fresh eggs that are collected daily and placed in the fridge, will easily keep 6 weeks or more without any problems.

    Store eggs are 4 weeks old before they even go on sale. I'm sure you realize those in your fridge for another 4 weeks, without problems.

    Fresh eggs can't even be compared to caged layed eggs. Taste the difference yourself.

    I really wish people would take the time to buy eggs from country folks who have the sign out front their yards, they will prolly even talk chicken for free. Just cause they love to help educate.

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    Quote:Eggs in the fridge can be kept for up to 2 months.

    For Eggs to Hatch. Once you go past 7 Days, the fertility rate drops very quickly. Suppossedly you can keep eggs for hatching at room temps up to 14 days, But I wouldnt go past 7 myself.
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    We don’t wash the protective layer off the eggs we collect everyday nor do we refrigerate them. They can last for months out of the refrigerator if kept in a cool area and turned occasionally, keep out of direct sunlight. In the U.S. eggs are refrigerated but in other parts of the world they are not. They will keep fresh out of the refrigerator if never placed in cold. Once they are refrigerated, they must always be refrigerated to maintain freshness. I have been told that if you refrigerate your eggs they should be kept in the egg carton and not the refrigerator plastic egg holder. Since the protective layer has been washed off the eggs they can absorb bacteria and odors from your fridge?
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    Do you wash your egg that you use personally??When I was young a great aunt had chickens and she would never wash her eggs. She wiped them off with her apron and in the basket they went.. She sold and traded them to a traveling produce guy (for lack of the correct word) and I helped her alot and she never washed an egg!
  10. silkiechicken

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    I don't wash my eggs unless they are really dirty. I do have 3-4 old eggs sitting in my room that are a few years old. I wouldn't eat them but they have dried out enough to stand up at about a75 degree angle to the floor.

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