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Apr 26, 2009
My hens have been laying for the past 5 weeks. It's just great having the constant supply of fresh eggs. One problem I've discovered is when we 'hard boil' the eggs - it's next to impossible to remove the shells - it's as if they have been applied with super glue. Any solutions? Are the eggs too fresh? Should I leave some for a few days before boiling them - Frank

In order for a boiled egg to peel easily it must have evaporated a little... this is what is meant by not being fresh.
I would bet your eggs are too fresh. Leave them in the frig for a few days and then try. I don't know how long it really takes, so maybe someone else has an idea on that.

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you can take about 3 tablespoons of baking soda and boil it in with your eggs and they will peal. there is a post on here somewhere about boiling eggs and it does work.
I was just going to post about this and here it was. Thanks for the information. Will have to try it today. Been wanting a egg salad sandwhich for a few days now.

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