SHE'S STARVING, and won't eat

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12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
My hen has gotten over sour crop (yay) but is rejecting all food, mashes, yogurt, egg yolk, everything, and vitamin water. The only thing she's going for is grass (reaching through run wire) - which is how she got impacted in the first place. I can tell she is starving - what to do?

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will she even reject scratch? I know it's not complete nutrition, but it's better than nothing.. my birds love that stuff...

or if she's into the grass, maybe chop her up some lettuce or other greens??
Most animals eat grass to settle their stomachs. Don't know if that applies to chickens but it sounds like thats what she wants. Good Luck
dont let her see the grass then...
Put her inside and try a half watermelon (the red color will incourage her to peck) and scoop out the middle part and put some crumble or mash feed (mixed with the vitamin supplement> birds often object to things being put in their water) ) and a dollop of yogurt in the hollowed out section... go get some mealworms (fARMED not wild so purchase from petstore or bait store) and sprinkle a few on top to get her going. If THAT doesnt work then I am out of suggestions !

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