Shipped egg broke, yolk on remaining eggs


8 Years
May 15, 2011
NW North Carolina
I received some shipped eggs today. One was broken, and the contents had smeared over some of the remaining eggs. Should I clean them before setting? Will it contaminate my incubator if I don't? Thoughts?
I set yesterday. I wound up washing 4 of the eggs in a mild bleach solution. I marked those eggs, so I guess we'll see how they do compared to the others.

Did you get broken eggs in the mail too? What did you decide to do?
I received a dozen eggs and only two remained intact. One with no cracks and one with a few hairline cracks. I washed the one with cracks and sealed it with a little bit of wax and left the other one alone. They were so jumbled that they're probably scrambled. The box was an eggy mess. We'll see what happens I guess. Good luck to us both!

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