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Mar 15, 2019
Garrett County, Maryland
So today is day 21, I know that sometimes eggs take a little longer to hatch. Has anyone had shipped eggs take longer to hatch. Reason I am asking is I have no pips yet. (Of course this is my third incubator hatch ever. But had no major issues with late day hatches with either of the other two. ). I am impatient lol, and just candled quickly to make sure they were alive. Two are for sure alive but look kinda small for day 21. Can they develop slower because of shipping. I have a farm innovator circulated air incubator, temp stayed around 96.9 and humidity around 35 the whole time until lockdown humidity is around 60. No major temp fluctuations at all.

Ok yell at me tell me I am just to impatient. Lol. Just worried being they look small.


Mar 13, 2013
Poo that what I meant 99.6. Lol
Oh well then it may be from shipped eggs. I've never hatched shipped eggs, I've always gotten mine locally or from my own flock. However, due to my high elevation, shipped eggs would have an even lower hatch rate unless they came from a similar elevation.

I've got a batch in the bator now. I've got the same one as you, only mine is still air. I'm sure someone else will be along with more advice.

Your thermometer is calibrated right?


Jun 22, 2019
Dunoon, Argyll & Bute, Scotland
I have done 2 shipped egg incubations. They pipped at day 20 or day 21. I’ve had 2 that pipped and eventually needed rescued, two that pipped and came out about 12 hours later no problem and two that shocked me by pipping and zipping in an hour late day 21. Same type eggs from same place. Maybe that will happen.


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Apr 22, 2016
My very first hatch ever using an incubator were from shipped eggs. I purchased 6 Ayam Cemani eggs, and they arrived earlier than expected and I wasn't ready for them. They sat, unopened on my counter for 4 days while I got the incubator set up. I used a little giant still air incubator but rigged a PC fan to it to make it a forced air. I also included an egg Turner so I didn't have to keep opening and closing the lid for turning. I candles them at days 5, 10, and 15. I kept the humidity at around 60% ish by using a turkey baster. Temp stayed at 99.5 until I removed the egg Turner on day 18 to which I increased the temp to 101.5. Two eggs out of the 6 hatched, but from candling, that was expected.
The first hatched started hatching on day 19 and day 20 the 2nd one hatched.

Then I got the fever for hatching.....

I ordered 4 more eggs. These were silkie eggs. Using the same method as above aside from the counter sitting, because this time I was ready. The only thing that changed was I didn't increase the humidity until I removed the turner - it's been really humid here in Texas lately.

As expected from candling, 1 out of the 4 started hatching. I heard it peeping inside the egg around day 20 and day 21 it started hatching. On day 22, the chick was fully out of its shell.

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