shipped eggs


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
this may seem like a silly question but im going to have hatching eggs for sale shortly and id like to be able to ship them. i dont have a paypal account and i have no idea how that works, could anyone explain? also is there another way other than paypal? id like to be able to have eggs shipped to me also, but again, no idea how to without paypal... thanks to anyone who can explain it to me!
Oh Paypal....

Well, for Paypal just go to their site and register for a free Business/Premium account, or whatever fits your needs. You can hook it up to your credit card for paynig other people, and you hook it up to your bank acount to transfer money from sales. You can also get a debit card that links right to your paypal balance.

But, if you are interested, Google Checkout is faster and easier to get your money, if you prefer. Their site is, I like it a lot better and they don't randomly lock your account, making you send your phone number, social security number, license, bank bills, and utility bills over the internet to get YOUR money.

Just my opninon! PM me for more inf.....

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