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Wasnt sure where to put this

OK, so Since everyone is so far away from me, it looks like im going to have to learn how to ship my ducks / recieve ducks.

So, could yall please explain what I would need to place in the box, what kind of box, where to get this magical box,and how I would handle it at the PO?

How would I do this for adults/teens and ducklings?
Seems I'm having the same problem...
This is what I've found:
Little ones:
in moist fruit such as pears, and send them asap! Post office only...and you have to find out the correct place/time to drop them off in your area.

This is all way too confusing

Oih , That is confuzing.
Ok, when it says ( for the boxes) That we get the quantity option of 10 boxes for $14, is that a good deal?

This is weird, lol, we are paying for cardboard
This place is the best for prices I have found. That's why I bookmarked it.

I still can't figure out the actual shipping in my area...uhhhhg. I have 3 month olds I'm trying to sell, and people on the other side of the US ready to pay, I'm just so nervous and confused.
Something to keep in mind it's getting hot enough in most places that you may not be able to ship again till cooler weather in the fall. The PO doesn't have to accept lives if it's 85 or warmer on either the shipping or the recieving end.
Hmm.... Is there any way we could ape frozen water bottles on the inside of the boxes? It would add to the weight but....hmm
I don't ship out ducklings, but for adult birds you must use the USPS approved boxes. You can get them from either Horizon or far as I know they are the only two approved currently. They have bio filters which cover the holes. The boxes come in different sizes and will tell you the amount/size of birds they will hold. I can put a pair of Bantam size adult ducks in a Economy size Horizon box with alot of room. I can ship them from NY to Texas for around $45...........that does not include the price of the box.

A few things to note, always plan on shipping the first few days of the week to avoid weekends. Keep away from holidays, and avoid shipping during the hot summer months. Find out when the latest time is that you can bring them to the post office. An example, anything I ship leaves either Buffalo or Rochester airports. The latest I can have them is 5pm from my post office for them to get the last shuttle to go out that nite. I always try to get close to 5pm, that way they will be in the box the least amount of time.

Adult birds must go USPS Express. You will get a quote from your post office to the buyers address, cost and delivery time. You will also get a tracking number. In many parts of the country, FedEX may be involved in parts of the shipping, so if delivery says "by tomarrow at noon", be advised that it is not always the case. Most shipments arrive within 24 to 48 hours. Adult birds should have no problem surviving the trip as long as you shipped them healthy and kept in mind the temperature. Heat is much more stress to adult birds than cold.

I will give thumbs up to USPS on delivering birds. I don't bother them if the time is off as the important thing is getting them there alive.........and without USPS we would be out of luck in shipping adult birds.

So get the address they are going to, contact your local postmaster to make sure they can be shipped from you to the buyer. Puchase an appoved box, some straw or pine shavings in the bottom, seal it up. Make sure the label is correctly addressed with a phone number clearly marked. I usually put a larger label that says, "ATT POSTMASTER - PLEASE CALL XXX-XXX-XXXX UPON ARRIVAL" After you send them out contact the buyer to let them know they are on the way and the appoximate time they can expect them.

Hope this helps -
No. I don't think that would be acceptable to the PO. I personally wouldn't want to risk having cooked duck when they get to where they're going.

And in answer to your question about who pays would be the buyer. Shipping is not cheap. It cost $52 to ship a rooster from Kansas to Pennsylvania.

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