Shop vac


9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
Z town NC
Please don't laugh at me but since I have filled in my koi pond I have this shop vac I used to vac the bottom of the two sediment ponds that I drained once a week. (Yeah, the pond was't thought out very well.) But ANYwho, I put the vac in my wheel barrel and rolled it over to the 8'x8' coop. All the girls were screeming, "BOMB,BOMB!!!!! ACKKKK!!!!" I opened one window on the bottom, shoved the hose and plug through and vacumed up all the dust and poo. WOW It was so easy. I'm using deep litter so I just got the dust and under the perches worked great!
Just a thought for those of us that have a shop vac sitting around.
Interesting, I have cleaned up around the brooders in the basement with this, but haven't thought about using it to clean out the brooders (without fluffy butts in it, of course). Thanks for idea, it's not like the shop vac is the picture of cleanliness anyway!
They work great to suck the dust off the window screens that are layered over the hardware cloth and the walls, too. They also take care of cob webs.
I was so impressed with it I even vac out the run of the big stuff! WOW is all I got to say. I put it in the wheel barrel and I was unstoppable!!!

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