Shorter Daylight, laying slowing down, what feed?


Feb 19, 2018
Hi all,

I have a few hens, they are about 9-10 months old. They were laying fine all summer and now I'm down to about 1-3 eggs per day (from 7 hens, was getting 6-7 eggs daily during summer months). I realize its the shorter days and that they will most likely stop laying for the winter. But, I do still have a few laying, so do I keep giving them layer feed or do I change back over to finisher feed?

Just curious when I stop the layer feed. Don't want the hens not laying to get too much protein/calcium but the girls still laying will need the extra boost I think....

We are in MA, if that means anything. Looking for any input. This will be our first winter w/ the ladies.

Elissa in MA


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Jun 23, 2013
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You could put out a separate dish of Oyster Shells for whomever has a need for it.

I used to feed layer but now strictly Flock Raiser after the chicks finish off a 5 - 10# bag of Medicated Chick Starter. When they get close to laying, I put a separate dish of Oyster Shells in their Chicken House. Never had an issue with laying nor shells being too thin, in fact it's pretty strong.


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Jul 26, 2016
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I have 3 hens, 7 - 15 week old pullets.
Only 1 is laying.
I feed a Non-medicated Starter Grower 18% Protein or a All-Flock/Flock Raiser 20%. Whichever is fresher when I'm at TSC. I offer Oyster Shells separately. I feed these year round to all. I did feed a Medicated feed to my day old chicks for 10 weeks before gradually transitioning to Non-medicated feed. Eggs I've collected in the past week. 20181127_121351.jpg . Nice strong shells. These are from my one laying hen. She's always been my best layer. A 32 month old Golden Comet. GC

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