Should I adopt him?

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    Aug 12, 2016
    Hey guys. I have the opportunity to adopt a Jersey bull calf for cheap. I dont know too much about this breed, or cows in general, but have been wanting to add cows to our farm. With this opportunity arrising I dont want to miss out, but Im concerned I may be biting off too much. We have plenty of space for more animals, but with it being winter is this a dumb idea to adopt him? any advice is super helpful, I have to make my decision by the end of the day. thanks
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    What would be your purpose in getting him?

    I'm not sure I understand your term adopt? Are you buying it or having it given? It will cost more to keep that it's actual worth.

    The only use for a Jersey bull calf would be if you were going to breed pure (pedigree) jersey cattle for breeding stock and dairy and as there is very little meat on them. If you were to get jersey cows/heifers for milk in the future then it's usually best to cross them to a heavier breed bull so that the resulting bull calves are worth raising for meat and the cross bred heifer calves are useful for suckler herds.
    If you are not interested in breeding jersey cattle then you are looking at a pet and it would probably be best castrated.

    There really isn't much of a use for jersey bull calves and probably only the best quality ones should be retained for breeding, so whilst this calf might seem cheap, that's just because there is no market for it.
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    X2. Plus even if you intend to breed, unless you have an entire herd for him to breed, it would probably be less expensive and less work to buy vials of semen for AI. That way you can choose any type and quality sire you want, one that is a meat animal, one that excels in milk production, etc, without having the hassle of caring for a bull.
    I'd pass on the calf.
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    Jerseys are great! Usually very gentle and mellow. But like the others said it all depends on your purpose of getting him. If you have plenty of room ( and get him castrated) he'd make a great pet and lawnmower!
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    I'd pass.

    Sounds to me like your're not really ready for cattle, and you're just worried about missing out on a good deal. Well, little Jersey bull calves are a dime a dozen. You're not missing out on anything. Wait a while. Come spring and better weather, if you still want to go that route, then you'll be able to find just as good a deal to purchase another calf.
  6. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Really, the only purpose for a Jersey bull calf would be for meat. If you castrate him and fatten him out, while he won't dress out as well as an Angus steer, there is more meat on Jerseys than you might think and the flavor is excellent. Really excellent. My favorite beef animal by far is a Jersey Angus cross. Another purpose would be if you want a small ox. If you want to breed, your best option by far is to find an AI technician. Dairy bulls are very dangerous and unpredictable, and Jersey bulls are by far about the worst. Bulls raised as pets are even more dangerous. No, I do not know why. If you don't want an ox and you don't want a beef, you don't want this calf.
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