Should I be concerned?


Jun 3, 2020
Hey y’all,

I have two older hens who have slowed their egg production after I switched to grower feed to accommodate for the new, younger birds in the flock. I know this is normal, but I haven’t seen an increase after switching the food back.

My younger hens are egg laying age now so we are back on layer food. It’s well passed 18weeks, but I haven’t seen an increase in egg production from my older hens and my younger ones have still not laid their first eggs.

Should I be concerned? What can I do to get our egg laying back to normal and get our new girls laying?

Two weeks is a pretty normal span for them to be getting over changes/stress.

Also depending on how old the older birds are, they may already be slowing down laying in anticipation of fall molt. All my older hens have already completely stopped laying for the year.

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