Should I be concerned?


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My RIR Hen has been hiding in the coop all day and is not showing any interest in food - one other RIR is acting the same but she is out and about. Slightly runny poops but they both seem to be drinking water. Should I be concerned (I already am) and what steps should I be taking to diagnose her?
I don't know about the runny poop but they may be thinking about going broody.However RIR's are not as likely to go broody as some other breeds.
What does that mean exactly? I've heard that term before, but thought it just meant that she would sit on her eggs longer. She's about 16 months old right now - does it typically happen around now?
Going broody means she wants to be a mother and raise chicks.If this is the case then she will start to stay in her nest and not get up for extended periods.There's no certain time period for this to happen but spring usually gets them in the 'mood" so to speak.Some chickens will never go broody.Watch her for other signs like pulling her chest feathers out.
If she is sitting on the nest and puffs up when you near, she is probably starting to get broody. However, if she is puffed up, lethargic, and sulking... might be getting sick.
I have noticed that happening with her - didn't think it was related. Is there anything special I need to do while she is doing this? Thank you so much for setting my mind at ease !!!
Give her what she wants, some fertile eggs and let her do her thing.She will only get up once a day to eat and get water and poop.Make sure she does cause it will endanger her health eventually.Good Luck.

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