Should I be concerned?


Feb 23, 2015
Petting Buffy Like a Dog
I am afraid have a few roosters.....

1 has a red comb an d waddles,and is even fighting with adult hens!They spar a ton,but that is for pecking order.Princess is I believe a prince.

Earlier this morning when everyone was excited to go out and play,and begun sparing,Savage (A white cockeral I think),came and kicked Prince rhode island red cockeral,in the neck and then smashed it with all his little bit of body weight which to Prince is a lot.He bullies everybody,and even the oldest,toughest girl,Special girl,who is like a month and 2 days old.Any suggestions or advice?
Did you plan to have roosters? Do you plan to hatch out chicks? If not, start looking for another home for those roosters. No reason to keep male birds just cause you got some by accident. Your flock will be more harmonious without them.
These cockerals are just a month old.

Update:Not any better!I just went and let them out,prince decided to fight back.They ahve had a t least 16 fights by now.Everyone else is fighting too!I am not sure if I have any pullets in this groupo,but I try to put my 2 year old hens with them

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