should i be worried :(


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Uxbridge, MA
I went into lockdown on Friday. They have been rocking for a few days now. They haven't moved in the last couple hours. I'm hoping they are just resting but have a bad feeling. None have externally pipped yet.
should i be worried? When should i start to worrry?
What day are you on? It is not unusual for them to rest before pipping, for a good long time (like, days). Were they internally pipped when you locked them down? They always seem to take for freaking ever after they go into lockdown. Just keep that incubator closed, find something to do for a few hours. They may not pip for a while yet--a couple days late is not unheard of. Sending you happy hatching vibes!
TayFray! :

make sure your humidity is really good! duck eggs are so thick that they can be hard to crack out of!

Thats just it, its up and down. Having trouble getting it steady..... Lowest its been is 71% (mostly in the morning) - and just now it was 79% but now on the way down again.... Can't keep it steady.... Majority of the time its about 73% or 74% but fluctuates from there.... Worried it will shrink wrap​
At 71% you're really still just fine. Is there condensation on the inside of the windows? That's a good sign, but even if not, don't freak out. Just get it up as best you can. What do you have in there for humidity? Anything with LOTS of surface area is good: Terry cloth, sponges, cardboard (especially the type that egg cartons are often made out of, except that lately I've been noticing the egg cartons are often coated with something that makes them non-absorbent--bummer), etc. I will usually just a lay towels and/or sponges around the bottom of the incubator--it won't hurt the babies to walk on them--and then I can re-wet them through a tube inserted through the ventilation holes as they dry out. Make sure, when adding water, that you add WARM (not hot) water--it will evaporate much more quickly, raising your humidity much more effectively. Hot water will raise the temp & possibly cause dangerous temp spikes, so do be careful.

Good luck. Nothing sounds alarming in your situation--you'd be amazed the things that ducklings can survive and hatch despite, so you're doing good. Just be patient!
Right now I have a home made bator with 4 soda bottoms filled with warm water and a wet cloth on the bottom. The fan is OFF, would it be better to have it ON? My temp is fluctuating 95-97, with mostly at 97....Yes there is condensation around the edges of the window, very slowly working its way to the center.....
We are on day 27, almost 28.... i remember my last hatch was all pipped shortly after lockdown and just worried some may be shrink wrapped since they haven't rocked for a little while.
Every hatch is a little different. Your temps sound rather low to me, which will slow a hatch down. If you can get it up to 98-99 you'd be much better off. I suspect they may be a little late hatching because of the low temps (they won't be hurt by the low temps--it just slows their metabolism, growth, and hatch speed).

Honestly, I would not be worrying too much about shrink wrapping at this point. That doesn't usually happen until after the external pip, when they can get dried out by evaporation through the hole in the shell. Until then, they really are not in danger of shrink wrapping. If you have condensation on your windows, you're in the zone on humidity and don't need to worry too much.

I say, bump your temp up a bit and go find something to do (but check to make sure your temps stabilize and don't spike) to keep yourself occupied. They're probably just taking a little break.

I know, every hatch is nerve-wracking. Even after dozens, every single one freaks me out at least a little bit.
Good luck!
Thank you... I will go work on the temps now.... Thanks for the info and advice. I am trying so hard to keep sitting on my hands....

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