Should i Get Toys For My Baby Chicks?


Mar 2, 2018
Lately Peep, My Baby Red Production Hen Has Been Getting Very Energetic :wee if Shes Bored She Will Make Loud Noises And Even Wake Up Cricket, My Baby Plymouth Rock Hen :confused:
idk if Chickens Need Toys Or Not, i Put a Smooth Warm Rock in Their Home And Cricket Lays On it, Peep Doesn't Care About The Rock.
i've Let Peep And Cricket Run Around My House And Peck At The Wood Planked Floors, But Peep is Still Energetic.

Should i Get Them Toys, And if i Should Then What Kind?
Hi @AshStarTheChickMom :frow Welcome To BYC

How old are you chicks?
Do you have their outside coop and run ready for them?

Any photos of your babies:)

It sounds like your little ones are growing up fast. If you have a way to get them outdoors so they can scratch in the dirt, take a dust bath and enjoy the sunshine that would be a good idea.

Putting your location in your profile is helpful, this way we can give you better suggestions.

As for chick toys - I don't really know of anything you can buy(?) My chicks have always enjoyed having a perch in the brooder - they can practice roosting/perching (a small sturdy tree limb works well). Place a small slice of cucumber, a small stalk of broccoli or slice of apple on a dish in the brooder for them to investigate (provide chick sized grit-crushed granite free choice). Depends on where and how your brooder is set-up - place a plug of sod in the brooder or even give them a small tub of dirt to take a bath or scratch in.

Good luck with your babies - look forward to your photos!
My chicks liked toys in the brooder. I introduced toys to prevent fuzz picking and brooder boredom.

Here are some ideas.

You can take a pen and mark a few dots on the sides of their brooder. Specks will entertain them for hours.

Find a small red ball. Or a grape/cherry tomato. (they aren't old enough to eat this, but they will have fun pecking at it)

A small ball of crumpled paper? Be careful the newspaper doesn't sog. Once it sogs, they will eat it.

A small brass bell.

A mirror

Don't bombard them with toys. Just introduce one or two at a time, then remove after a few days, then reintroduce. Again, those specs on the sides of the brooder will keep them busy for a loooooonnngg time. I had bugs become attracted to the heat lamp that wound wander down into the box. You can imagine the chase that ensued.
Avoid putting anything made of polystyrene foam or with small indigestible or manmade parts or strings they could end up ingesting if they peck at them enough.

they may go nuts over fresh corn on the cobb or a few small chopped tiny leftovers from your meals
A very good reminder about foam and even insulation! Seems like chickens love insulation, it's not that good for them, but if they can reach it, they will eat it.

Fresh corn on the cob is a great idea! I usually freeze several bags of "extra" corn and label them for the chickens (cobs that are not fully formed, etc.).

Hi @AshStarTheChickMom I looked at your other thread. I see you mention that you will start taking them outside in April. While that is fine, do you have your coop and run ready for them?

Your chicks will outgrow that box in a few more weeks:) So you may want to start making plans now for providing them more space.

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