Should I have next boxes in my coop if my chickens are free range?

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    Should I not put a next box in my coop since they won't be in there all day? Should I put some kind of next box outside for them and one in the coop? Or just one outside? My dog might eat eggs so that is why I am asking! Thanks so much! [​IMG]
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    i would put nest boxes in the coop. there is a good chance they will return to the coop to lay, but you might also find random egg piles on your property if they are free range.
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    Put your nest boxes in the coop.

    Mine are free range, and I just added a new hen to my flock. I sat her in the coop, then let her walk out into the yard. That day when I came home there was an egg in the nest box from her. Mine return to the coop to lay.

    ETA: If they are pullets about to lay for the first time, put some plastic eggs (or even some golf balls) in the nest boxes to show the girls that that's a good place to lay.
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