Should I keep my Silkie Rooster


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Jul 28, 2016
HI!!!! We bought our first chickens back in the beginning of April as just born chicks. We have 4 leghorns and 2 silkies. Turns out one of our silkies is a rooster. He is absolutely stunning!!! But, we are not sure what we should do with him? He has only once, pecked and grabbed a hold of my daughter's hand and a few times he has charged at us. But, when we turn around he runs away. We are afraid this behavior is going to get worse? So frustrating since we raised him as a baby. The other question at hand is, when is it too much on my girls? He already does try and grab their backs, and they get very upset with him. In the mornings when we open the coop, he comes out but the girls wait for almost 30 mins for more, I take it because he comes at them. This morning he went back in and forced one of them to come out, I felt so bad for her. But, here is what confuses me (yes I am new at raising chickens, lol) when they are free ranging the girls will follow him and tonight when I went to close the coop up, 3 of the girls were all cuddled up next to him. I would love some advice and suggestions. We are learning as we go, and I want to do what is right for my girls.

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 14, 2015
Placerville, California, USA
He sounds like a BAD ROOSTER. Human aggression can be dealt with but aggression toward hens cannot be. He is stressing them and will most likely continue to do so. Send him to the the stew pot and get yourself a good rooster.

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