Should I put it out of it's missery???? HELP

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    This morning I went to check on my birds and one of RIR flew intot he turkey part of the brooder and the turkeys have pecked it death practically, it is shacking, and lieing on it's side but when I found it it was standing up I put her in a box in the kitchen and kindof whipt her down, gave her some water. What should I do wait it out or put her out of her missery IM SOO SAD [​IMG] first chicken/turkey owner here./ OH i have fixed the chickens from getting into the turkey part or visa vers so this WON"T happen again .
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    It's hard to say in these cases what is best without being there to evaluate the situation.
    Is the bird drinking or responding?
    I would place it in a warm, quiet place and observe it for a bit. If you could get some water and maybe some sof t scrambled egg down her it might help.
    If she seems to be in shock and not attempting to eat or drink after a reasonable time I would say she is too far gone and to put her down.
    [​IMG] Good luck.

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