Should I? Shouldn't I?? Need some advice

The Coop-D-etat

And to you good madame, I ruffle mine Feathers 🐓
Feb 6, 2021
Bismarck, North Dakota
It does.

She's always been a silly sort, being a silkie. Always quite the 'prude' as a chick, seemed more like an alien imposter observing her shaver sisters and trying to figure out how to be normal, but failing miserably when she tried.

Not sure if this is the case with all silkies, or just our girl (as she's our only one)but she does not chicken like a normal chicken... That's for sure.
Hahaha that's awesome, sounds like a Character. 🤣 I'd know this is off the thread topic but I'd love to see a picture if you got one 😁 well I guess it isn't off topic really it is about broodies after all😂

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