Show And Tell You Modern Game Bantams Please!!!!!!!!!


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
tell me stories, personalty, pictures, ect. i want to know all about them

im gonna get some soon from natures hatchery!
I just bought my first MGB's a few months ago. I got 4 pullets and they are so entertaining. They high-step around the yard, making their own little musical sounds almost constantly. These are very tame and easy to handle. They aren't good layers, or at least haven't been yet. I am impressed, though, at how such a tiny hen can lay such a large egg! They lay torpedo shaped eggs.

I found a couple chicks at the feed store last week and couldn't resist. Here is one of them. He can barely reach the ground, his legs are so long.
He likes to pick up his own toes, too. lol
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I LOVE how MGBs have long legs.. its possible to have just MGs right? Because i thought i saw a MG once that was HUGE!
Here's my little Birchen MG hen. She has layed me one egg (Which I put in my pocket and crushed lol!) I have had her for a little over 2 weeks and I had a rooster but he died last week

She's fast so its hard to get a good pic

Here she is and if your in florida she is for sale.

I love the little things....when I'm rich, I'll have a temperature controlled building for them and my Langshans!

I think I must have a long-leg fetish or something...

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