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  1. I am preparing for my first show this fall, and one of the things that I am putting together is a "Show Box." Something that has grooming tools, medicines, extra feed, and anything that I might need at the show.

    I'd like to see pictures of other people show boxes to get an idea of what's the best to use, and how others organize their show equipment. I'm thinking about building a nice wooden one that folds out into a shelf type thing, but not certain.

    If you show, and have a "show box" would you please post a pic and show me?
  2. OH COME ON!!! Does no one have any pics of their grooming box?[​IMG]
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    I dont have a picture of mine, and it's dirty right now anyway [​IMG]

    But I use a bright pink (haha) horse grooming box. On one side I have extra feeders/waterers just in case the show only supplies cups (they fall out alot, its not necessary to bring your own stuff unless it says so in the rules) and a bag of food. On the other side I have a stick of product I can't remember the name of (go me) which is used on the chickens combs and feet and wattles, makes them shiny and bright red and healthy looking. Then I have a rag and a water bottle in case I need to wipe someone off. Also a nail clipper. We use the ones for dogs/cats, its perfect for poultry.
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