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8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
rfight now i am in the egg bussnessbuti would like to switch to show busness what are some good breeds to start of with
pick a breed that you love. Learn all you can about its origin and the Standards for the breed. You will have to decide is you want to breed out bad characteristics yourself from standard stock or invest the money in a couple of good breeding pairs that have already proven to be show stock. Every breed is different in temperment and some need special care considerations. So again, pick a breed you love and go for it.
Is there a such thing as a, "show business" (unless you are a string man I don't think so
. Like said earlier IF you are lucky you might break even.
First thing you will need to do is spent the $ 60.00 on a American Standard of Perfection because with out a A.S.O.P you wont get any where and breeds that you get for a egg business and from hatcheries are different from breeds that you have for showing.

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